Health & Fitness - MYZero2Hero365

by Mercado Academy Asia

Course Overview

    MYZero2Hero365 Weight Loss & Body Transformation is an Intensive Weight-Loss Seminar and it is not a diet plan program. This program is specially designed to educate and motivate people especially obesity group to understand their needs in weight loss mission. This program aim to produces the lasting and sustainable changes and results you desire.
  • Change your mindset and challenge yourself
  • Transform your lifestyle and change your future, NOT temporary but keep it for life!
  • Course Objectives

      What you’ll learn in this training course:
  • Know yourself and determine your goals
  • Mind setting and lifestyle changing
  • How to lose weight by eating the right foods
  • An easy to follow food guide and meal preparation strategies
  • Keep fit and healthy lifestyle for 365 days
  • Training Schedule

    Mercado Academy Asia (MAA) offers regularly scheduled training courses at its own training center and at various locations around Petaling Jaya. Regardless of your skill level or experience with this subject, we have a training class that is right for you.

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